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What do you want in the job ?

Editing activity in video production is the process of assembling and preparing the pieces of the movie scenes, add effects, transitions, and music or narration for a single unit so that according to the script. The pieces of film were obtained at the time of shootingactivities take place.

If a scene is photographed, sometimes the players act out the scenario, in the form of speech, one of the movement and so forth.So the director had yelled "Cut!" Which means the scene was to be repeated again. By repeating the scene, it does not mean that one scene was deleted and replaced with the next scene. To be able to distinguish between decision-taking pictures, then before the director yelled "Action!",

A cameraman to take pictures clipboard XE "clipboard" to mark / give a name to the scene to be captured. The function of this clipboard is essential for editing purposes. Without a clipboard then the editor will find it hard to arrange scenes circuits that have been taken. Besides this is a commonly used clipboard images during production. Broadly speaking, the clipboard is divided into 3 main columns that include the title of the film, shoot (to determine how the shoot will be taken), and take (to determine keberapa shots from the shoot.)

What educational background do you need to get  the job?

In order that I can get work which I want in area broadcast that is as video editor, first I get to do is school where that school that is to say school in SMK and coming into multimedia membership area. Now, I there’s been in school  at hand multimedia membership that is SMKN 1 Purwosari.
After its graduate can't direct work as video editor. But I shall follow course to get feasibility as video editor. Besides follows course, I shall get school again or college input at broadcast's area.

What stages do you go to through?

Video Editors are responsible for the quality of the finished film. They work with the directors to arrange the film, cut scenes and make things flow from one part to the next. Video Editors should pursue a Bachelor's of Art in Film and Video Production, Digital Media or Visual Communications.

  1. Researching Video Editor Career Duties and Education
A Video Editor takes the filmed parts of a movie and works with the director to put them together in logical order that makes the movie flow. Video Editors edit the video to cut scenes that don't fit or that were done incorrectly. They choose the best shots and use those to create the desired effect. After the film is completed, the Video Editor watches it to make sure it all fits together seamlessly, that the flow is correct and that no other corrections are necessary, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Video Editors should complete a Bachelor of Art in Film and Video Production, Digital Media or a related major.

2.      Take Computer Classes
Video Editors need computer classes and graphic courses to learn how to edit material. Required instruction also includes photography courses and provides the skills to use the equipment.

3.      Complete a Bachelor of Art in Film and Video Production
A Bachelor of Art in Film and Video Production program trains students to use the equipment Video Editors rely upon in their profession. Students earning this degree will also gain experience to help them create quality edits in a shorter amount of time as a Video Editor.

4.      Complete an Internship or Work as an Assistant Film Editor
Video Editors begin their career through an internship during or after college. Completing an internship as a Video Editor provides the opportunity to apply skills, build a resume and obtain professional recommendations.

5.      Become a Video Editor
Becoming a Video Editor requires current knowledge of the trends in film and video technology. Many Video Editors move directly into their first salaried position from an internship.

What problem and troubles your probably have in your job?

Troubles and problem in my works is ;
-          I go to work project of video editing and the project  take time but the product is bad and a drug in the market.
-          I shall can build emotion an audiovisual opus with treat tech "cutting" one that gigantic
-          I haven’t know motivations in cut an image and story
-          I haven’t know editing basic’s
-          Control  audio or voice fitting with music
-          I haven't known aim and orders of editing's processes

What advantages do you get by
having the job ?

The adavantageare  :
-          if I can obtain work of editing video which many and  good time, so I can get money ‘s worth.
-          With editing video, I can used us site expression and creativity.
-          I can have many friends.
-          I had seen the elephant.


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